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I'm self-taught and have used cameras, pencils, pastels, pen/ink, markers and computers to create.

I started drawing as soon as I could use a pencil. I picked up a camera as a child and have yet to tire of viewing the world through a lens.

Having spent many years in the publishing/printing field, I have served as writer, editor, page designer and photographer for North Carolina and Massachusetts newspapers. I worked as a graphic designer for a publishing company in Massachusetts. I have also taken on several freelance projects.

My focus is currently on photographic and graphic art. In addition, I have built a sizable archive of drawings, which include both abstract designs and cartoons.

I developed my cartoons at age 11. The abstract drawings were born in 1998 after a lengthy phone conversation. They originated from my style of phone doodling. I now call the the art form picture poems.

I have also maintained a 20-year-old collection of poetry. Similar to such work, my picture poems employ elements of written expression via design.